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How to use my product on Google Assistant?

The Weather Station is compatible with Google Assistant, which means you can: 

  •  Ask your Google Assistant what the temperature, humidity, CO2 and air quality is according to the Weather Station and its modules. You can, for example, ask: “Ok Google, what’s the temperature in the living room?” or “Ok Google, what’s the temperature of ‘Name of Weather Station’”.

The Air Quality reading is related to CO2 levels and the Netatmo Air Quality Index, but it is adapted to Google’s measurements. The following limits have been set:


CO2 value

Netatmo Air Quality Index

Google Air Quality Index

< 900 ppm 



900 - 1150 ppm 


1150 - 1400 ppm 



1400 - 1600 



> 1600 ppm 


Very unhealthy

  • Receive notifications on one or several Nest products (notifications are supported on the Nest Hub and Nest Mini ranges). The user can be alerted when:
      • CO2 exceeds 2000 ppm,
      • rain is detected. 

To use this feature, you must: 

    • Enable notifications in the Netatmo app.
    • Turn on voice notifications on the product by tapping on the product icon in the Google Home app to access the settings and enable “Voice notifications”. Make sure you choose the correct Home.
      It is also important that the product is set up properly in your virtual Home. This can be done during installation or later through the device settings. 


Make sure you have set up “Downtime” in your Google Home settings (under “Digital well-being”) so that the notifications don’t disturb you in the middle of the night.


Routines are currently not available with the weather station and its accessories. Wind, sound level and pressure are not managed by Google products.


If you have a Hub, you can see the status of your product on the Google screen.

You can set up your Google assistants in the following languages:


Google Nest Help


There are still a few issues (such as inconsistencies in the display), but we are working with the Google teams to help them resolve it as quickly as possible.


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