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What is the migration of my Weather Station into a Home ?

As part of our commitment to the security of personal data and the continuous improvement of our products, we are currently migrating the Weather Stations into Homes. These are virtual Homes which are defined during the migration.
The migration involves an update of your Station, the deployment of this new firmware is in progress and will take several weeks.

How does the migration unfold?

The migration is done automatically after the Station update, no action from you is required to trigger it. We have developed an intelligent tool that makes the migration transparent for most users, that is to say, we place your Station in a Home for you. This is the case for example if you don't own any Netatmo products other than Weather products.

However, some of you will visualise instructions in the Netatmo Weather application asking you to place the Station in a Home. This is the case if :

  • You have several Homes.
  • The Station administrators do not have access to the Home.
  • The IP address of the Station does not match the IP address of the other products in the Home.

You will then be able to choose between creating a new Home or placing the Station in an existing Home.

How do I know if my Station has been migrated/updated?

Migrated Stations are in firmware version 177 or higher.

What are the new features related to the migration?

In the new app, the Settings have been updated with new features and improvements:

  • Home management (Manage my Home) – it is now possible to place the modules in rooms, to rename the Home, change its location…
  • Notifications – it now easier to enable/disable default notifications and to create custom one. See this article for more details: How do notifications work?
  • User management – the way of managing home users and station guests has been improved. See this article for more details: How does the User Management work?
  • Community – by contributing to the Weathermap users are part of the Community, find out more about this new section in this article: How does the community work?


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