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How does the siren on the Outdoor Camera work?

The 105dB-siren will trigger with all of your other sirens in your home when an intruder is detected.

Without the Smart Indoor Camera, only the manual trigger is available. It cannot be triggered automatically. You can make it sound from several places:

  • From the menu at the top right of your application, by clicking on the alarm button associated with your camera.
  • From a notification received in case of detection of a person, by clicking on the ""Ring"" button. (On iOS, long press the notification to discover the action)
  • From the low banner in the application when a person is detected

In the same way, when it rings you can stop it from the notification received at launch, the menu at the top right of the application or the bottom banner. The siren will shut itself off after 3 minutes, as per regulations.


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