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I no longer want to receive any communications (newsletters, offers, etc.) from Netatmo, how do I proceed?

To opt-out of our mailing list, you have two possibilities:
  1. You can click on 'unsubscribe' from the latest email you received. You will then be asked to confirm your choice by validating your email address to finalize your unsubscription
  2. If you are already an user of Netatmo products, you can unsubscribe from the settings of your Netatmo app by following these steps:
    1. Log into your Netatmo account on your Smartphone or the web app
    2. Proceed to 'My account'
    3. Click on 'Consents' (or 'Settings' then 'Consents' from the web app)
    4. unselect 'Communication - Netatmo / Legrand / Biticino'


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