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How do I find my product’s serial number (or its MAC address)?


  • The serial number is composed of one letter followed by six characters (ex: gxxxxxx).
  • The MAC address is in this format: 70:ee:50:xx:xx:xx.

You can find the serial number / MAC address of your Smart Indoor Camera:

  • In the Home + Security app settings (if your Camera is already paired to your account): My products > name of the Camera.
  • On the product: at the top of the Camera.
    You need to open the cover as shown in the pictures below. Use the palm of your hand to turn the cover counterclockwise and pull it up. The serial number is underneath.
  • On the packaging.

Smart Indoor Siren

You can find the serial number / MAC address:

  • on the package,
  • at the back of your Smart Indoor Siren and,
  • if your Siren is already associated to your account, in the application settings: Manage my home => Siren.


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