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My Smart Outdoor Camera misses some events.

If the Camera is not creating events on the timeline this could be due to several reasons:

  • Alert-Zones configuration
    Make sure you have an Alert-Zone covering the area where events happen. You can edit your Alert-Zones from the settings menu at the top right corner of your Home + Security app.
  • Recording settings
    Make sure you have activated recording for all the types of events you want to record. Go to "Alert & Recording settings" from the menu at the top left corner of your Home + Security app.
    Note that, if you own a Smart Indoor Camera too, you can choose not to receive notifications from your Smart Outdoor Camera when the Smart Indoor Camera knows someone is at home. You can change this setting from the "Alert and Recording settings" page.
  • Dirt on the camera lens
    Make sure the bottom glass of your Camera is clean. If the lens is covered, the Camera will not 'see' what is happening on your property and can therefore not record or send alerts.
  • Bad network
    A Camera monitoring a busy place and having a poor Wi-Fi connection may take time to upload all detected events.

If the problem persists, please restart the Camera by cutting the power for 30 seconds.
If the camera still seems to be missing detections or not detecting as it used to, please contact us.


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