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Hello Netatmo Community and Development Team,

I hope this message finds you well. As an avid user and promoter of Netatmo's innovative range of products, I've deeply appreciated the thoughtfulness put into their design and functionality. The integration of Netatmo devices into our daily lives has undoubtedly set a high bar for smart home technology. However, there's one particular enhancement that I, along with many fellow enthusiasts in our community, would like to discuss the introduction of a local API for Netatmo devices.

The Value of a Local API

Improved Privacy and Security: A local API would allow users to interact with their devices directly over their local network without needing to send commands through external servers. This not only speeds up the communication but significantly enhances privacy and security, a growing concern among smart home users.

Enhanced Reliability: Relying on cloud services can sometimes lead to latency or downtime due to server issues or internet connectivity problems. A local API ensures that basic functionalities remain operational, providing a reliable fallback when the cloud service is unreachable.

Integration Flexibility: Many users employ home automation servers like Home Assistant, OpenHAB, or Domoticz, which can directly communicate with smart devices via local APIs. This integration empowers users to create more complex automation rules that are not possible through the official app alone.

Community Development: Opening up a local API can lead to community-developed applications and integrations, further enriching the Netatmo ecosystem. It enables hobbyists and developers to experiment and innovate, potentially bringing to light new use cases and enhancements.

A Call to Action

We understand that developing and maintaining a local API comes with its challenges, including ensuring security and providing support. However, we believe that the benefits significantly outweigh these challenges, not only for the users but also for Netatmo as a brand, by reinforcing customer trust and satisfaction.

We kindly request the Netatmo development team to consider our proposal for introducing a local API. Such a feature would undeniably make Netatmo products even more appealing to a broader audience, from tech enthusiasts to privacy-conscious consumers.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, the inclusion of a local API would be a significant step forward in making Netatmo devices more versatile, secure, and user-friendly. We are excited about the possibility of this feature and eagerly await your thoughts and hopefully, your action on this proposal.

Thank you for considering our request and for your continuous efforts to improve the Netatmo user experience. We look forward to your response and to the possibility of even more remarkable innovations from Netatmo.

Best Regards




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    totally agree

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    I guess @netatmo does not care

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    Is Legrand CX3 not compatible with ?

    Wondering if it uses OpenWebNet in the background, just not documented. Local API of some form would be great.

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    Nope, does not work


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