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Smart Video Doorbell


Latest version

v2.26.0 - December, 2023

  • Fixes an issue leading sometimes to a loss of video functionalities.
  • Fixes an internal service issue when the SD card is changed without powering-off the product.
  • Fixes an issue causing some Doorbells to fall into power-saving mode in 230V electrical installation.
  • Fixes an issue in Dropbox cloud upload for customer with old API credentials kept inside the product configuration.
  • Fixes an issue sometimes impacting a video recording and making it unplayable.
  • Fixes a regression in FTP upload for storage paths including space characters.
  • Improves the reliability of product installation with the H+S app.
  • Fixes an issue causing the product to be seen as disconnected in the H+S app for an abnormal duration after product startup.


⚠️ The update process is automated, requiring no action from you. We ensure all products have the latest features by gradually pushing firmware updates to eligible active devices over several weeks.


Previous versions

v2.22.4 - May, 2023

  • Fix product stuck in night mode after a live streaming in some particular conditions.
  • Fix a rare issue impacting the startup sequence that can cause loss of video functionality.
  • Fix loss of Dropbox video upload user configuration after firmware upgrade.
  • Fix rare regression impacting system startup sequence.

v2.22.0 - November 29th, 2022

  • Add Advanced Recording feature. In this mode the Doorbell will add the few seconds that precede a detection event in the video recordings. This mode is enabled dynamically if the electrical power is sufficient and if the product remains inside the correct temperature range.
  • Improved network stability in case of DNS server issue.
  • Fix the LED indicator remaining red after a call sometimes.
  • Improve FTP upload server configuration compatibility.
  • Use event date instead of upload date in FTP upload file names.
  • Fix an issue causing the cloud upload to remain stuck sometimes.
  • Security update.

v2.20.0 - January 20th, 2022

  • Add new chime settings to customize chime activation duration or disable it completely
  • Add new chime quiet mode to silence it for a given duration
  • Fix Dropbox and FTP video uploads that could remain stuck sometimes
  • Fix an issue that could lead to an unplayable video recording
  • Fix doorbell speaker ringing when button is hold for a long time
  • Reset electrical configuration when product is removed from the app and factory reset
  • Security patches

v2.18.0 - Septembre 21st, 2021

  • Chime from doorbell speaker when a visitor presses the doorbell button
  • New firmware numbering system
  • New Dropbox/FTP authentication mechanism
  • Protection mechanism to avoid over usage of the IR filter

v102 - July 1st, 2021

  • New temperature events in the timeline when the doorbell is too hot or too cold (Only visible on Android app or the Web app at for now)
  • Bug fix on the product installation after a HomeKit Reset
  • Bug fix on the relaunch of the pairing mode after a time-out during the installation process


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