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What is the best location for the Smart Door and Window Sensors?

We advise you:

  • To place your Sensor as far as possible from your window's pivot axis;
  • To leave enough space to be able to change the batteries;
  • To be sure to have a good radio signal between the Sensor and the Camera;
  • To secure the Sensors to a clean and dry surface;
  • To not secure your Sensor until you have installed and configured it.

Good to know

Electromagnetic interference (load-bearing walls, metal objects such as an electrical meter or appliance, a metal door or window) can substantially degrade the Sensors' radio signal and therefore their performance.

The Sensors are not made to be drilled; please use the adhesive patches provided on the Sensor.

Also, please note that the Sensors are not able to detect whether a door is locked or not.


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