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How to use my product on Google Assistant?

The Smart Video Doorbell is compatible with the Google Assistant. This compatibility allows you to:

  • Launch the live stream on a compatible screen enabled device*.
    When the stream is launched, the mic is muted and cannot be unmuted. It means that you can hear the sound from your visitor but cannot talk back. Google plans to add this feature later on.
  • Receive notifications on one or multiple Nest devices (notifications are supported on Nest hub & minis).
    To have this feature available, the user needs to:
    • Have the Voice notifications enabled for the device.
      To do so, go in the device settings by clicking on the product icon in the Home app and activate ‘Voice notifications’.
    • After the notification is received (‘[bell sound] Someone is at the front door’), the user has to launch the stream by voice. The stream is not launched by itself.

To launch the live stream, you can say:

  • "Hey Google, show me the [doorbell name]", the microphone will be disabled.

For these features, it is also important that the device is well set in the user Home, it should be done automatically but if it is not, you can still do it afterward in the settings of the device in the Home app.

*The streaming of the doorbell is possible on Nest hub devices. It is not possible to see the video on the Google Home app.





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