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I can't set up the Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm, what should I do?


Some Wi-Fi networks aren’t compatible with the Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

  • Enterprise and public networks.
  • 5 GHz-only networks.
  • Networks using connection portals.
  • Internet service providers using Carrier-grade NAT (NAT444).
  • Some networks using wireless repeaters.

Check the troubleshooting list

  1. The Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm must be correctly mounted. The green LED should blink every minute to indicate that the device is working properly. Check the user guide for more details.
  2. Turn on your smartphone's Bluetooth.
  3. Turn on your smartphone's Wi-Fi.
  4. If you’re using an Android smartphone, turn on the location in the settings.
  5. Your smartphone needs to be within Bluetooth range of the Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm (10 meters maximum).
  6. Disconnect all the Bluetooth devices (speakers, headset, keyboard, etc.) paired to your smartphone during the setup.
  7. If you’re using an iOS device, authorise the Home + Security app to access your home data from the settings.
  8. If someone else already configured the product, ask them to invite you to join their home.
  9. If you don't know the owner of the product, perform a factory reset of the product by holding the "reset" button at the back of the product. Then configure it yourself.
  10. If the problem persists, the smartphone’s Bluetooth may not be working properly. Please try to reboot your smartphone and try again.


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