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How can I reset my Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor?


Resetting the Air Quality Monitor is not necessary in case of:

  • Disconnection problems.
  • Difficulty receiving notifications.
  • HomeKit problems.

Resetting the Air Quality Monitor is necessary only in case of:

  • Donating or selling your Netatmo Station.


To reset the Air Quality Monitor and delete its data:

  1. Plug the module using the power adapter.
  2. Keep the touch on the top for around 12 seconds, the product will blink red. It will then be ready for a factory reset. 
    NB: If you press touch on the product for about 7 seconds, the module will light up blue and then white. Continue to hold your finger on the product until it flashes red.
  3. To confirm the reset press one more time: the red light will become steady. 
  4. Then wait until the reset is done: the blue led blinks.


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