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Can I activate the thermoregulation algorithms on my Smart AC Controller ?

We do not offer a control algorithm for the Smart AC Controller, for several reasons:
  1. Temperature control is performed directly by your air conditioner. Your air conditioner has a temperature sensor and its own control algorithms that enable it to reach the temperatures you have set in the Home + Control app.
  2. Applying a control system that bypasses that of the air conditioner is not recommended as it could damage the integrity of your system due to frequent on/off cycles. We therefore do not interfere with the internal control of your air conditioner.
It may happen that your air conditioner stays on when the measured temperature displayed in the Home + Control app already corresponds to the requested setpoint temperature. This can be explained by the different locations in the room of your Netatmo Smart AC Controller (temperature displayed in the app) and your air conditioner (temperature used for regulation).
In this case, it is your air conditioner’s sensor that remains in control and your air conditioner that will take care of switching off the air conditioning according to its readings.


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