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Smart Indoor Camera


Latest version

v5.22.0 - July 2024

  • Improves overall system stability
  • Fixed event notification for Smart Door and Window Sensors events when set to “notify only”.


⚠️ The update process is automated, requiring no action from you. We ensure all products have the latest features by gradually pushing firmware updates to eligible active devices over several weeks.


Previous versions

v5.20.0 - November 20th, 2023

  • Improves general system stability
  • Adds automatic network MTU detection to fix some internet connectivity issue
  • Fixes various crashes in video related service
  • Adds support of 64 hexadecimal characters Wi-Fi PSK for iOS installation
  • Fixes an authentication issue with Dropbox cloud upload
  • Fixes a rare issue leading to corrupted video recordings

v5.16.1 - November 29th, 2022

  • Fix a broken diagnosis tool that is mandatory for customer support
  • Improve the way we detect network disconnections and reduce false-positives detections.
  • Fix possible connection errors to Netatmo servers for some types of DNS servers
  • Fix an installation & reconfiguration bug that led to a product configured to Internet but not linked to Netatmo account.
  • Miscellaneous updates for security improvements
  • Files sent to FTP server are now named with the event date and not the upload date.
  • Fix some cases of misdetection of faulty SD card.
  • FTP - We now support "ftp://" prefix in the ftp server url given by customer.

v5.14.0 - May 20th, 2022

  • New feature: Home Alarm, Control all the sirens of your home as a security system
  • HomeKit Secure Video bug fixes
  • Remove low batteries notification for USB powered NIS
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security improvements

v5.12.0 - September 20th, 2021

  • Support Dropbox new authentication
  • Fix FragAttacks vulnerability
  • Fix radio disruption in case of multiple sensors and cameras.
  • Fix a bug of DNS inconsistent naming
  • New firmware numbering system

v486 - June 30th, 2021

  • Security improvements
  • Fix a bug where internal database could be locked
  • Fix some possible crashes
  • Fix a bug where user application is spammed by sensor notifications.
  • Minor HomeKit bug fixes



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