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Smart Door and Window Sensors


Latest versions

v58 - September 8th, 2021

  • Increase Netatmo authentication timeout (10 -> 30 seconds) to match potential latency on camera side
  • Turn LED on as soon as possible to confirm battery lid is properly closed
  • Start BLE advertising 2 seconds after batteries insertion to ensure battery lid is properly closed and avoid early communication loss
  • Algorithms improvements
    • Add a debug log to track accelerometer event
    • Use User settings to determine the notification event threshold instead of raw accelerometer data threshold
    • Notify a movement when the state of the door change (open / closed)


⚠️ The update process is automated, requiring no action from you. We ensure all products have the latest features by gradually pushing firmware updates to eligible active devices over several weeks.


Previous versions


  • Improve detection algorithms
    • avoid angle problem when the tag is oriented downside
    • avoid some taps to be converted in movement


  • Fix regression displaying the battery level always as 0


  • Update magnetometer user calibration steps
  • Add new algorithms for accelerometer for movement and vibration detection
  • Add battery measurement during a fake RF emission and adjust cut-off to 2000mV


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