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Smart Thermostat

Latest versions

Relay v237 / Thermostat v76 / Valves v97 - February, 15th 2023
[Only for first versions of the Thermostat]

Fixed a bug introduced by v236 that could cause two random situations:

  • a Manual Boost could be activated unexpectedly
  • when a Manual Boost was performed on the Thermostat, the setpoint had no duration limit (instead of returning to the schedule at the end of the default duration).

Relay v236 / Thermostat v76 / Valves v97 - January, 17th 2023

  • Fixed a bug which in some cases changed the setpoint on the Thermostat without any action on its buttons nor in the app
  • When the Thermostat is not installed in a Netatmo application (never installed or uninstalled), the setpoint applied to it no longer has a time limit
  • Improved the battery level detection on Valves to prevent wrong low-battery alerts
  • Improved temperature measures on Valves after a True Temperature adjustment
  • Lot of improvements and optimizations


⚠️ The update process is automated, requiring no action from you. We ensure all products have the latest features by gradually pushing firmware updates to eligible active devices over several weeks.


Previous versions

Relay v222 / Thermostat v75 / Valves v85 - January, 6th 2021

  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity for the Relay Wi-Fi installation with Huawei smartphones running Android 10
  • Fixed a bug which in some cases prevented the use of the advanced heating algorithm (PID) on the Thermostat despite its activation in the parameters
  • Valves regulation optimization
  • Various improvements

Relay v216 / Thermostat v73 / Valves v83 – September, 30th 2020

  • [Valves only] Improve screen refresh
  • General stability improvements


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