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How do I interact with my Smart Door Lock from the Apple Home app?

The Smart Door Lock is activated from the Apple Home app via a toggle switch.

Follow these steps to lock your door:

  1. Toggle the switch from its initial “Unlocked” position.
  2. The switch will then move into a transitional position, called “Locking”.
  3. During this stage, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock will activate.
  4. Once activated, manually turn the Smart Door Lock’s external knob to lock your door.
  5. Once your door is locked, the Door Lock will deactivate, and the toggle switch will appear as "Locked".



You can also follow these steps to unlock your door. The switch will toggle from the initial “locked” position to the final “unlocked” position.

Note: If you don’t turn the external knob during the transitional period when the Smart Door Lock is activated, the Door Lock will automatically deactivate after a few seconds and the toggle will return to its initial position. You will then need to repeat the process to unlock or lock your door.


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