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I can't activate my Smart Door Lock from the Apple Home app. How does the installation of a Hub in my HomeKit home affect the use of my Smart Lock?

Configuring the Netatmo Smart Door Lock in the Apple Home app offers several benefits, as described in the following article: What can I do in the Apple Home app?

Nevertheless, for seamless functionality, it's important to meet the following requirements when you have a Hub (such as a Home Pod or Apple TV) in your HomeKit home:

  • The hub must be correctly turned on. If a hub configured in the Home is not correctly powered, you will not be able to set up your Netatmo Smart Door Lock properly in the Home + Security and Apple Home apps.
  • The Smart Door Lock and the hub must be within Bluetooth range of each other (less than 5 meters) to ensure proper communication.

Note: If multiple hubs are installed in your Home, only one of them will be connected and serve as the hub. You can find this information in your Home settings. To ensure the proper use of the Door Lock, it is important to make sure that the connected hub is located nearby.




Tip: You have the option to change your connected hub. To do this, unplug all your hubs, except the one you want to connect. The connection will then transfer to this hub. Once it is connected, you can plug in all your hubs again.


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