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How do I compare multiple types of data in the graph?

  1. Go to Control > Graph Comparison.

  2.  On the right-hand menu, select the data you want to compare from all the available options.

  3. Display up to 4 different data sets on the graph at the same time.

How do I compare two different time ranges?

  1. Go to Control > Graph Comparison

  2. Click on the plus “+” button in the top left corner.

  3. Select the second data period you wish to compare.
  4. Data from both periods will be displayed on the same graph.

How do I download my data?

To download your data

  • Go to Settings > Data Management > Download.
  • Or click on the three dots in the top right corner of the graph.

From there, you can customize the data rate, format, module, and date range according to your preferences.

How can I check the battery levels of my devices?

  1. Go to Control > Dashboard
  2. Scroll down the dashboard until you find the card called "My devices".
  3. This card displays all your devices along with their corresponding battery levels.

How do I change the order of my rooms?

  1. Go to Settings > Display > Room Order.
  2. You can rearrange the order of your rooms by dragging and dropping them into your desired sequence.

How do I change to another home?

You can change to another home by clicking on the home icon located at the top of the sidebar.

You can then choose the home of your choice in the drop-down menu.

Where can I check the accumulated rainfall or the maximum wind speed over a certain period?

  1. Go to Control > Dashboard
  2. On the right-hand menu, select "Rain" or "Wind", depending on your devices or the data you are looking for
  3. You will then see the accumulated rainfall or maximum wind speed for your chosen period (Day, Week, Month, Year) in the top right corner of the graph.

How do I switch to dark mode?

To switch to dark mode, follow these steps: Navigate to Settings > Preferences > Theme, then select the theme that suits your preference.

How do I change the language?

To change the language, follow these steps: Go to Settings > My Account > Profile > Language, then choose your preferred language from the options provided.

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, go to Settings > My Account > Profile > Email.

Enter your new email and your current password, then click the confirm button.


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