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Can the siren be triggered automatically?

The Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren has been designed to integrate as well as possible into your daily life, be really useful and not intrusive.

Outdoors, there can be any type of situation where the camera cannot distinguish whether it is an intruder or a well-meaning person (the mailman bringing the mail, your neighbor who wants to say hello or even your children coming home from school). In reality, only you know how to make this distinction with precision!

The 105dB-siren trigger can be automatic for indoor-only intrusions using the Smart Indoor Camera or Smart Door & Window Sensors.
Configure it from your Home + Security app.

Without the Smart Indoor Camera, triggering the 105dB siren thus requires manual action by the user to avoid unwanted triggering as much as possible because with each false alarm, in addition to annoying your neighbors, your security system loses credibility.

We understand that you may not be available at all times to monitor the comings and goings in front of your house, which is why we have made this necessary verification step as easy as possible. From the Home + Security app, tap on the "House Alarm" tile, then "Sound all" to trigger the Siren. You can also see the person detected by the Camera and trigger the Siren straight from the notification. On iOS, you will need to press and hold the notification. On Android, simply open the notification details.


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