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The Home + Security App displays "Video unavailable. Insufficient power source."

If the Home + Security app displays "Video unavailable. Insufficient power source." it means that your Doorbell doesn’t receive enough power from your transformer.

This issue can be fixed following these next steps:

  1. Verify your transformer specifications.
    Requirements: 8-24VAC or 230VAC, 8VA minimum.
    Note: For a low-voltage electrical installation of the Smart Video Doorbell (between 8V and 24V), you must ensure the electrical wires that power it are the correct size. Particularly, the wire gauge must be sufficient if the distance between the Doorbell and the electrical panel is significant.

  2. Verify your chime module wiring

    1. Make sure your Chime Module is wired correctly by following this Help Center article: How to wire my chime module?

    2. Make sure the wires are in contact, use wagos if necessary. Disconnect power at fuse or circuit breaker before proceeding.

  3. Factory reset your Doorbell
    You will need to factory reset your Doorbell in order to reset your electrical installation. To do so, follow this procedure: How can I reset my Smart Video Doorbell? 

  4. Restart the installation in the app.

In order for our technical team to help you in the best way, please send us with your message also the following information:

  • a picture of your transformer
  • a photo showing the wiring of the Chime Module in your chime
  • a photo showing the position of the Chime Module
  • the reference of your chime if available


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