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Video / live does not play.


You need to have an upload speed connection of 400 KB/s to be able to watch live videos in the best quality (Full HD – 1080p). If your connection is slower, the Camera will adapt the video quality when you watch the live stream. For example, with a connection of 125 KB/s videos will be in HD (720p).

The minimum speed connection is 25 KB/s upload and download for the Camera to work. Note that those speed values need to be fully dedicated to the Camera.


In the Home + Security app, when you press play, if the video never launches, that means the connection is too weak to stream video. The issue can be located:

  • Smartphone-side
    • Check if your smartphone has a strong connection (4G/LTE or Wi-Fi is recommended).
  • Internet Service Provider side
    • Ask your ISP if there are any problem/discontinuities on your line.
    • Ask your ISP if they are using Carrier-grade NAT (NAT444), which is not supported by Netatmo Cameras.
  • Camera-side
    • From the Home + Security app settings, check the signal strength of your Camera.
    • Follow the Wireless troubleshooting advanced guide.
    • In certain rare cases, the issue can be due to the SD card. Try to remove the SD card from its slot and insert it back.


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