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How do the OpenTherm modulation algorithms work?

Thanks to the OpenTherm technology, the heating regulation algorithms are even more intelligent.

OpenTherm boilers allow modulation control of the heating power.
The temperature of the heating water is adapted to the setpoint temperature in the room to obtain optimal comfort, while avoiding overheating the house and limiting the boiler's on/off cycles.

The modulation algorithms work with a heating curve, or weather compensation, which defines the heating water temperature setpoint according to the thermal performance of the house and the heating system, and the outdoor temperature. The latter is provided by the weather forecasts based on the geographic position defined for your Home.

To adjust the heating curve, go to the Home + Control application, then:
Settings > Manage my Home > [Thermostat room] > [Thermostat name] > Advanced settings > Heating curve

The default setting is 2.6, and it is automatically adapted over time through machine learning. You can always set this parameter manually, between 0.1 and 5.0.
The higher this parameter, the higher the heating water temperature will be and the room temperature will be reached quickly.


If a manual setting is applied, it will no longer be changed automatically by learning.
It is always possible to return to automatic mode by clicking on "Reset heating curve".


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