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What is Apple HomeKit monitoring?

Apple HomeKit is the smart home ecosystem developed by Apple.Using HomeKit, the Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV & HomePod) can control the compatible products of your home: cameras, lights, thermostats,... from the Home app on iPhone, iPad and Macbook, using the vocal assistant Siri or by configuring automations using an Apple TV or HomePod.

The HomeKit or Apple devices monitoring status is displayed in your Home + Security app if your camera has been configured with an iPhone or iPad. It can be accessed by Apple devices which have access to your home:

  • If no hub is configured for HomeKit (Apple TV, HomePod or iPad), the camera can only be accessed on your local network.
  • If a HomeKit hub has been configured, live streaming can be played from anywhere.
  • If a HomeKit hub has been configured and the iCloud account of the home owner has a 200Go or more paid plan, live streaming can be played from anywhere and the camera can record events on iCloud (HomeKit Secure Video).

The Netatmo monitoring and HomeKit monitoring are independent. You can control the Netatmo monitoring from the Home + Security app. The HomeKit monitoring is controlled by the location of the iPhone linked to the home. For settings and information, reach your camera's settings in the Home app on an iPhone or iPad and access the recording options.Beware, setting a PIN code to lock the camera won't affect HomeKit monitoring.


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