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Where can I find the HomeKit setup code?

The Camera was already HomeKit-enabled when you bought it 

The HomeKit setup code can be found:

  • On a card that was inside the packaging.
  • On the product, at the back, right under the Ethernet port.

The Camera was not HomeKit compatible when you bought it 

You need to enable Homekit on your Camera.

Go to the settings menu > Manage your home > choose the room where the Camera is installed > choose the Camera > scroll down and click 'Enable' in the ''Siri and Apple Home'' section. Then follow the instructions on the Home + Security app.

Once it is enabled, you will find the HomeKit setup code in your photo albums. It was saved to your Camera Roll when you enabled HomeKit for that Camera. We recommend you to print this code and keep it in a safe place.

If you are not able to find the image containing the code, you can reset your Camera and you will be able to enable HomeKit when you install the Camera again. See How can I reset my Smart Indoor Camera?

Note that resetting the Camera will delete all the data and configuration of your Camera, including the SD card, which will be formatted.


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