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How do I set up my products so they do not switch on the heating if I am away for a long period or during the summer?


Whether for the Thermostat or the Valves, we do not recommend removing the batteries for a long absence, as remote control of the products will no longer be possible and the temperature curves will not be generated. In addition, the automatic calibrations carried out every 2 weeks by the Valves guarantee that the valve bodies do not seize up.

Individual heating

For any prolonged absence, we recommend that you use Frost-Guard mode to make sure the heating is switched off without any risk of deterioration in the home. Frost-Guard mode will actually only switch on the heating if the room temperature reaches a critical threshold, in order to stop the pipes and the heating system freezing. By default, this threshold is set to 7°C (French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME) recommendations). A custom value can be set for this threshold in the ‘Temperature change’ menu.

To make sure the Thermostat never switches on the heating, you can enable OFF mode by holding down the ‘-’ button on the actual box or in the app until ‘OFF’ is displayed on the screen. Activation of the OFF mode will not affect the generation of temperature graphs.

NB : When the Thermostat is in OFF mode, the Valves present in the same Home will also be closed. The Manual Boost function will not be available on the Valves when the Thermostat is set to OFF (they will display ‘- -’).

Collective heating

When used with a Starter Pack (i.e. without a Thermostat), the Valves cannot prevent heat production. The best way to make sure no hot water will be circulating is to enable Frost-Guard mode.

Note: in some housing, it is recommended to leave the radiators fully open during the summer. In this case, we suggest these 2 alternative options:

  • [Recommended] Create a weekly schedule with a constant heating period set to 30°C, which will allow you to keep the Valves both open and operational. In this case, you will probably receive the Auto-Care alert "Heating maintenance error"; you can ignore it or deactivate it ("My Account> Change my e-mail settings" menu).
  • Apply a Manual Boost at 30°C, wait a few minutes for all the Valves to open, then remove the batteries.


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