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My products work correctly in the Netatmo app but don’t appear in my Apple applications (Home and Siri).


To control Netatmo products with Siri or Apple HomeKit, you need to be using the same Wi-Fi network or have a HomeKit hub installed.

Read this article for more information about using remote controls.


Home data might not be synchronised with your iCloud account:

  1. Unplug the Netatmo Relay, wait at least ten seconds, then plug it back in.
  2. Check that Keychain is activated in Settings > User account > iCloud.
  3. Check that the Home app is activated in Settings > User account > iCloud.
  4. Wait for iCloud to synchronise.
  5. Restart the iOS device(s).

If none of these methods work, reinitialise the Relay. See How to reinitialise my Relay then complete the installation again.


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