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How to improve Heating Prediction (Auto-Adapt) with the Netatmo Weather Station?

The Smart Thermostat and the Smart Radiator Valves are able to anticipate heating demands thanks to the measurements of the outdoor temperature, in order to provide the setpoint temperature at the desired time set in the schedule.

By default, the outdoor temperature is provided by the local weather forecast according to the location indicated for the Home (Settings menu > Manage my home > My home settings).

To improve prediction accuracy, the Energy products can use the measurements of the outdoor module of a Netatmo Smart Weather Station.

To do this, simply install the Thermostat and/or the Smart Radiator Valves in the same virtual home as that of the Weather Station.

The link between the 2 products is then automatically established, and the measurement curve of the Weather Station's outdoor module appears in green in the WebApp

To activate the optimized heating prediction improved by the measurements of the Weather Station:

  • Settings
  • Operating mode
  • In the "Heating prediction (Auto-Adapt)" menu, select « My Netatmo Weather Station» as Favorite external temperature source


Note :

When the Weather Station or the Energy products have just been installed, it is not be possible to select the Weather Station as the favorite external temperature source until the custom parameters of the advanced algorithms are calculated. This calculation usually takes between 3 days and 3 weeks during active heating use (winter).


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