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Will my products still work if my internet (Wi-Fi) goes down or if there is a power cut?

In the event of an Internet outage

The Thermostat and the Valves will continue to control the heating based on the current weekly schedule or the last setpoint applied before the connection was lost (Away mode, Frost-Guard mode or manual setpoint).

During the outage:

  • Remote interaction, schedule editing or adjustments will no longer be possible.
  • The physical buttons on the Thermostat or the Valves can still be used to force manual setpoints. The duration of these setpoints is then that which was defined before the connection was lost in the Energy app advanced settings: Operating mode > Default duration of manual setpoints (3 h by default).
  • The anticipation or Auto-Adapt function is also disabled because it relies on the outdoor temperature readings that are not available offline.

All functions of the Thermostat and Valves will automatically resume once reconnected.

In the event of a power cut

Your heating and Netatmo products will no longer function. However, your equipment is designed to resume functioning automatically as soon as the power comes back on.


The Netatmo Relay may take a few minutes to reconnect after a power cut.

If it does not reconnect automatically after a power cut, follow the steps described here: What do I do if I cannot connect to my Relay?


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