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How do I measure the inside and outside thickness of my door?

Before replacing your cylinder with the Netatmo Smart Door Lock, you need to know the necessary dimensions. A cylinder has an inside and outside dimension. To choose the right size, start by measuring these two dimensions on your original cylinder.


If the design of the door allows it, you can measure these dimensions on the door using the door measuring tool included in the Smart Door Lock’s box. Alternatively, you can measure your original cylinder once you have removed it from the door.

Measurements are always taken from the centre of the cylinder. The centre of the cylinder can be identified by the retaining screw hole. It is typically found under the bolt of your door lock.

With the door measuring tool

A door thickness measurement tool is provided in the Smart Door Lock’s box.


Without the door measuring tool

If you no longer have the door measuring tool or if you cannot measure it properly using it, don’t worry. Any other measuring tool like a tape measure or ruler will work.


Make sure that the micro-USB port cover under the external knob is accessible. To do this, check that it opens and closes properly.


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