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Will the Smart Door Lock affect my house insurance?

Insurance companies generally offer cover against burglary, provided that the residents of the home take all the necessary steps to minimise the risk of break-ins.
Each insurance company may also have its own criteria for which security equipment the policyholder must install, ranging from the type of door and locks used, to the installation of an alarm system or surveillance cameras.
Rather than a complete lock mechanism, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock is an electronic cylinder made from high-strength stainless steel that fits into an existing door lock. This cylinder, designed by Netatmo, meets the strictest requirements in terms of physical and electronic security and burglary resistance, in accordance with European standard EN15684.
The cylinder is reinforced with an anti-drilling plate and 3 safety pins, making it highly resilient against physical attacks such as drilling, cutting, pulling and forced entry. Its design also makes it impossible to pick.
However, the determining factor for house insurance is typically related to your door’s level of resistance and its locking mechanism (security door, single or multi-point lock: 3 points, 5 points, etc.)
Insurance companies often require, as a minimum, a three-point lock. In certain areas with high burglary rates, the number of lock points required may increase.
The level of protection required by insurers to secure a home depends on a number of factors, such as the type of insurance policy taken out, the value of the furniture and other items to be covered, and the vulnerability of the home to theft.
These requirements will be outlined either in the general conditions of the section of the policy relating to theft coverage, or in the exclusions of the insurance policy. If in doubt, please contact your insurance company to review your cover in detail.


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