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How do I know if my Smart Door Lock is powered up correctly?


Make sure that the batteries you use are new and of high quality:
Read the article How do I replace my product's batteries ?

We recommend Alkaline or Lithium batteries from Duracell or Energizer.

NB: rechargeable batteries are not compatible.

Make sure you follow the polarity markings on the indoor handle.

When the product is powered up, it will emit 2 short beeps.


External power supply

Your Smart Door Lock can be powered by an external power supply using the micro-USB port under the outdoor knob.

If batteries do not work, power your product with an external power supply via the micro USB port. When the product is properly powered up, the product will emit 2 short beeps.


This external power supply can be:

  • An external battery,
  • A laptop,
  • A new generation phone.

If powering up from an external source does not work, there could be a problem with your batteries. We therefore recommend you replace them with new batteries.
Read the article How do I replace my product's batteries ?

If the product does not emit 2 short beeps when it is plugged into an external power supply, please contact our support team.


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