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What is the purpose of my Smart Door Lock’s Property Card?

The Property Card identifies you as the owner of the Smart Door Lock.

Every Smart Door Lock has its own Property Card. The serial number of the Smart Door Lock is on the card.

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The Property Card cannot be replaced or deactivated if it is lost or stolen. You therefore do not need to carry the Property Card with you, but you should keep it in a safe place.

You will need it to carry out the following actions:

  • Set up the product in the Home + Security app.
  • Add a new Smart Key to the register of authorised keys from the Home + Security app.
  • Share control of the Smart Door Lock with another member of the household from the Home + Security app.

In case of a new installation or a change in ownership, the Property Card enables you to reset the Smart Door Lock to remove previously linked phones. To do this, leave the Card inserted for 12 seconds until the Smart Door Lock resets.

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Only the phones that are linked to the Smart Door Lock will be removed. The paired Smart Keys will continue to function. If you want to remove a Key, go to the Smart Door Lock settings in the Home + Security app.


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