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Should I keep my smartphone’s Bluetooth on?

We recommend leaving your smartphone’s Bluetooth on to take advantage of all your Smart Door Lock’s features. Please note that Bluetooth does not really affect the battery on the latest generation of smartphones.

You need Bluetooth to:

  • Set up the product.
  • Authenticate yourself on the Home + Security app for your Smart Door Lock to lock and unlock your door*.
  • Add or delete a Smart Key.
  • Add or delete a user from the Smart Door Lock.
  • Update the product.
  • View the latest Smart Door Lock status*.
  • Receive a lock/unlock notification from the Door Lock.
  • Receive a low-battery notification.

*These actions can be accessed remotely if you have set up an Apple Home Hub. It establishes a permanent link with your product by using the secure Apple Home connection.

For security reasons, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock is not connected to the Internet. So, when you are not within Bluetooth range of your product (more than 2 metres away from your product or when Bluetooth is not activated on your smartphone), the only action you can take is:


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