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How does the User Management work?

There are 2 different types of users:

  • User of the Home (Admin) – the user can access and control all the products contained in the Home (including other Netatmo products like the Camera and the Thermostat)
  • Guest of the Station – the guest can only access the Weather Station’s data (indoor and outdoor), but cannot access the settings (Home Management, notifications...). The guest has no access to the Home and therefore to the other products in it

To manage the users, go to Settings > Manage guests. From there, you can add a user as an admin of the Home or a guest on a Station by sharing a link.

In addition to that, there are favorites. A user that adds a Station in favorite can easily access from the dashboard the outdoor data of this Station (no indoor data shared).

To learn more about adding a Station in favorite, see this article: How to add a Station in favorite?

To share a link to your Station so that people can add it in favorite, see this article: How does the community work?


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