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I have installed a new Smart Home Weather Station or a new accessory and I would like to transfer my old data. What should I do?

When a Weather Station module needs to be replaced, it is possible to transfer the historical data generated by the old module to the new one, provided you follow the procedures described below.

Data retention

The historical data produced by the different modules are linked to the main module of the Weather Station.

 ️ All data is permanently lost when the main module is reset (deleted from the account).

The main module of the Station must therefore always be linked to your account for any data transfer request, and the serial numbers of the old and new modules must be provided to us.

How do I find my product’s serial number (or its MAC address)?

Module Serial Number format
Main Module gxxxxxx or 70:ee:50:xx:xx:xx
Outdoor Module hxxxxxx
Additional Indoor Module ixxxxxx
Rain gauge kxxxxxx
Wind Gauge lxxxxxx

Data transfer from a Weather Station

  1. Install the new Station with the same Netatmo account as the old one.
  2. If accessories (Additional Indoor Module, Rain Gauge or Wind Gauge) were paired to the old Station, uninstall them from the old one and reinstall them on the new one.
    ⚠️The data of accessories not moved at the time of transfer will no longer be transferable! The Outdoor module of the old Station does not need to be moved, the new Station is already associated with a new Outdoor module.
  3. Once the new Station and the accessory modules are installed, send us a data transfer request specifying the serial numbers of the old Station and the new one, as well as those of the modules being moved.

Data transfer from a radio module

When replacing a radio module (Outdoor module, Additional Indoor module, Rain gauge, Wind Gauge), follow these instructions:

  1. Delete the old Station module from the application.
  2. Remove the batteries from the old module.
  3. Install the new module by associating it with the new Station.
  4. Send us a data transfer request specifying the serial numbers of the old and new modules, as well as that of the Station to which they belong (if several Stations are associated with the same account).


  • Depending on the volume of data to be transferred, the operation will take from a few hours to a few weeks (especially for monthly and annual views).
  • Technical constraints may cause the loss of a small part of the data (a few days maximum) around the transfer date.


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