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How can I reset my Smart Video Doorbell?


Resetting your Doorbell is useless when:

  • Having disconnection issues;
  • Having trouble watching videos;
  • Having trouble receiving notifications.

Reset is relevant only when:

  • You give/sell your Netatmo Doorbell.
  • You want to erase the HomeKit configuration.
  • You have made changes to your electrical installation

The factory reset deletes all the data and configuration of your doorbell, including the SD card, which is formatted.


  1. Remove the Video Doorbell from the wall mounting plate
  2. Plug your Doorbell to a powered Micro USB cable.
    Note: Pin and Micro USB cable not included

  3. Wait for the LED to turn off or solid blue.
  4. Press the reset button until the LED is solid green.
  5. WARNING: Wait for the LED to glow white before unplugging the Doorbell from the Micro USB cable and then plug it back into the wall mounting plate.
  6. Remove the Doorbell from your home in the Home + Security app.
  7. If you are using an iOS device, remove the Doorbell from your home in the Home app.


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