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The app is showing the error ‘Calibration has failed’. What should I do?


Behaviour of an uncalibrated Valve:

  • The Valve is fully open and does not regulate the temperature.
  • A Manual Boost cannot be performed from this Valve.
  • The Valve’s screen displays a ‘!’.

When a Valve’s batteries are replaced, it is no longer calibrated and therefore displays a calibration error. It will calibrate itself automatically within an hour after inserting the new batteries. It is also possible to calibrate it manually from the app settings or from the error message.


  • Check that the Valve was installed according to the recommendations: 
    1. The radiator is fitted with a functional thermostatic valve body compatible with one of the 11 Netatmo adaptors.
    2. The piston of the radiator valve body opens and closes correctly: test its functioning by operating it gently but firmly. If the actuation is not smooth or the stops are not reached, apply silicone grease to the valve body piston to lubricate it. If this is not enough, consider replacing the valve body with a new one.
    3. The Netatmo adaptor used to install the Valve is the one that fits the valve body of the radiator (How to determine the required adaptor?).
    4. The Netatmo adaptor is correctly screwed onto the radiator, without having used a clamp.
    5. The valve is securely screwed onto the Netatmo adaptor, without using a clamp.

Note: In very rare cases, the piston of the valve body may be too short. The Energy app will then alert you to install the optional motor cap supplied in the Netatmo adaptor bag. You will just have to stick it on the black piston of the Valve.

  • Recalibrate the Valve.

Directly from the calibration error or from the settings: Manage my home > Valve room name > Valve name > Calibrate the valve. A sound coming from the Valve (motor movement) will indicate that calibration is in progress.

If calibration is successful, the calibration error will disappear. If the error persists, please send us a message with the following photos:

  1. Photo showing installation (Netatmo Valve fitted on the radiator).
  2. Photo showing only the valve body.
  3. Photo showing only the previous thermostatic valve.


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