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Auto-Adapt is not working properly. What should I do?

The Auto-Adapt function self-calibrates automatically every two weeks. If it is not working properly, you don't need to do anything; it will automatically revert to its proper settings.

What causes Auto-Adapt to malfunction?

Auto-Adapt adjusts to the specific characteristics of your home (thermal inertia, insulation, etc.). If one of these characteristics changes, it can cause Auto-Adapt to malfunction.

How do I prevent Auto-Adapt from malfunctioning?

  • Avoid moving the Thermostat or leaving it in an unsuitable location. (See guide)
  • Avoid changing the temperature of the water in your heating system.
  • Avoid using other heating appliances.

Specific issues

Auto-Adapt is set to 30 minutes

Auto-Adapt relies on the outdoor temperature (from local weather forecasts or the Netatmo Weather Station Outdoor Module). Indeed, the colder it is outside, the more time your heating will need to heat your house. And vice versa.If the outdoor temperature reading is unavailable for several hours, Auto-Adapt will default to 30 minutes.This can happen in the following cases:

  • Loss of wireless connection between the Thermostat and Relay. (Help)
  • Wi-Fi router disconnected from the internet or no Wi-Fi connection between the Relay and the Wi-Fi router. (Help)

Auto-Adapt is set to three hours

In most cases, Auto-Adapt has a maximum duration of three hours.In some cases, however, three hours may not be enough to reach the required setpoint, which can be an issue with systems that have high inertia (such as heated floors) or during cold winter months.To use a maximum pre-heating time of eight hours, the setpoint temperature must be no more than 14°C for the time frame during which the Thermostat uses the Auto-Adapt function.

My heating system has an external sensor to automatically control the temperature of the water in the heating system based on the weather (heating curve).

In this case, Auto-Adapt may not produce the right results. We recommend you turn off Auto-Adapt and adjust the weekly schedule accordingly.


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