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Is the predictive heating (Auto-Adapt) not reaching the desired setpoint temperatures?


  • The predictive heating of a newly-installed product is set to 30 minutes by default.
  • If the predictive heating was working but is no longer working correctly, refer to this article.


During the early working weeks in a heating period, without any action on your part, the characteristics specific to your home (thermal inertia, insulation) will be calculated. The predictive heating duration will then be optimised for your house automatically.

Special cases: installation with Valves (several rooms)

If the predictive heating option is activated, this will apply to your entire house: all rooms will therefore be capable of predictive heating. As predictive heating takes place room by room, it is possible that one room may be capable of predicting beyond 30 minutes (optimised prediction), whereas another continues to predict at 30 minutes (default prediction). After several weeks of heating, without any action on your part, the prediction duration will be optimised automatically for all your rooms.


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