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The Smart Indoor Camera has trouble detecting or identifying faces. What should I do?


To detect a face, it is necessary for the Smart Indoor Camera:

  • To be positioned opposite the front door of your home or the desired location, at a distance of 2 to 4 metres from the door and at a height of 1m to 1.50m.
  • To have a clear view of the entire face (or at least ¾).
  • To not be placed in backlight.

The Camera will not be able to detect a face if it passes in front of it too quickly. It will detect a movement instead.

If the Camera does not detect any movement or faces, see I have no videos even though the camera is plugged in.


In order for the Smart Indoor Camera to properly identify the profile's faces, you need to save enough biometric data about the profile by identifying it manually via the Home + Security app. Some time is needed before each profile is complete.

To check how strong a profile is, open the Home + Security app, go to "More", to the right of the "Profiles" section, then tap on the photo of the relevant profile and select "Edit".

While the profile is not complete, it is necessary that the Camera records the same face from different angles: head on, 3/4 head on, at night, etc.

Note that it is also very important that you correctly identify each face that has been recognized otherwise the identification of the profile will not be reliable.


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