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Where is the SD card located in my Smart Outdoor Camera?

You can find the SD card at the bottom of the Camera. You need to open the cover as shown in the pictures below. Use your finger nails or a coin to pull the strip towards the back of the Camera and then remove the cover.


Note that in order to protect the micro SD card from water and humidity, a dielectric grease is applied in the card slot that protects the pins.
If the old card comes out without much grease, it is recommended to apply more in the slot and on the card. The grease used in production is “SUPER LUBE® MULTI-PURPOSE SYNTHETIC GREASE WITH SYNCOLON® (PTFE)”.

You can get an SD card replacement kit from the Netatmo online shop that contains a new micro SD card and a packet of grease to protect it from water and humidity. Please note that the kit is not available for all countries.

If you want to use another micro-SD card, make sure it is:
- class 10 minimum,
- with a storage capacity of 8, 16 or 32 GB,
- "Endurance" or "Industrial" type (support for many write cycles), specially designed for use in surveillance cameras.

Find the instructions to replace your SD card here.


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