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The Home + Security app displays “SD card is defective” or "SD card is absent", what does it mean?


  • The Camera needs a micro SD card to work.  
  • A robust SD card is required to save videos immediately when events occur. An old or defective SD card may not work properly. 
  • In very busy places, a lot of events (motion, people…) are detected. An excessive amount of video recorded may reduce the lifespan of the SD card. To adjust the video recordings to suit your needs, go to the Home + Security app > Settings > Change security settings > [product's category].

When your Home + Security app displays an “SD card is defective” error, the first thing to do is to remove and reinsert the SD card as it could just be making a false contact. If the problem persists, you need to change the SD card.
If you want to use another micro-SD card, make sure it is:
- class 10 minimum,
- with a storage capacity of 8, 16 or 32 GB,
- "Endurance" or "Industrial" type (support for many write cycles), specially designed for use in surveillance cameras.

You can get an SD card of this type on Netatmo shop.

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