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My Valve is not reachable in the application. What should I do?

When the Valve loses the radio connection, a '!' logo appears on its screen. In the application, a 'Valve not reachable' alert is displayed. The Valve then continues to regulate the heating according to the last setpoint. The remote control is interrupted however, it is still possible to apply a manual setpoint.


Whenever you install Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves, the new and existing devices will take a few minutes to reconnect and synchronise with the app. 

Improving the radio connection

1. Batteries

First, check that the batteries are in good condition. There should be no signs of leakage (oxidation) or swelling. If in doubt, replace the batteries with brand new, unexpired, good quality alkaline or lithium (non-rechargeable) batteries. Some old or poor quality batteries can degrade the quality of radio transmissions.

2. Positioning


Slightly turn the Valve on the radiator (unscrew and screw the Valve again, positioning the screen in another way) in order to orient the internal antenna differently. A few degrees of rotation are sometimes enough to significantly improve the connection.


If your Valve is connected to a Netatmo Relay, try to move it closer to the Valve, or at least change its orientation.

  • If it is connected to an electrical outlet, plug the Relay in another outlet, placed as equidistant as possible from all the Valves in the accommodation. Avoid plugging it into a multiple socket.
  • If it is connected to the boiler adapter, find another location for the Relay. A few centimeters may be enough. Otherwise, the adapter's wires can be extended (more info here).

Finally, as much as possible, the Relay should not be surrounded by surfaces and elements known to limit the transmission of radio waves:

  1. Walls and some surfaces can absorb the radio signals:
    • Thick stone or concrete wall with metal structure -> HIGH interference.
    • Ceiling with metal framework -> HIGH interference.
    • Brick wall -> Medium interference.
    • Partition or door made of plasterboard, glass or wood -> Low interference.
  2. It is preferable that the Relay is not located:
    • Inside the boiler casing.
    • Behind a television.
    • Near an aquarium.
    • In or on a metal object.
    • In a closed furniture.
    • Near a large amount of wires and cords.
    • Near any wireless devices.
  3. If you have the following wireless devices at home, turn them off temporarily and check the connection (which could take up to 15 min):
    • Printer,
    • Speaker,
    • IP camera,
    • Alarm,
    • Any other wireless device...

If the connection improves, try to change the location of the Relay and / or the affected device. It may not be possible to use them at the same time.


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