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How does the temperature measurement work?

Babies and toddlers struggle to balance their body temperature properly. A room that feels just right to adults might be too warm for young children. They might wake up from naptime perspiring and uncomfortable when parents thought the room temperature was just right. Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor gives users the precise temperature children need for a soothing sleep.

The Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor monitors your indoor climate and helps you create a healthier home environment. Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor sends the information to your personal Netatmo account using your Wi-Fi access point. When you launch the Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor app, those measurements are downloaded to your smartphone via a secure connection and displayed.

Using the app you can:

  • View the measured temperature;
  • View the measured temperature over the previous 24 hours;
  • View the Home Health index;
  • Get information about temperature;
  • Be alerted immediately on your smartphone when the measurement is not within the proper range.


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