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Is there a Home + Security app for my Apple Watch? The Home + Security app for my Apple Watch has disappeared. How can I get it back?

Version 5.0.0 and later of the Home + Security app for iOS does not offer an Apple Watch app. Instead, the Apple Watch will receive all notifications from your iPhone. So, you will get Home + Security notifications. With the recent updates by Apple for iOS and WatchOS, users can enjoy more features.

To ensure the Home app works properly, the product must be correctly configured with HomeKit.

Via the Shortcuts app, you can set up a button allowing you to perform an action with your Home + Security products. This button can then be set up as a Complication on the Apple Watch. The following actions are possible:

  • Turn on the Outdoor Camera's light
  • Turn off the Outdoor Camera's light
  • Restart the Camera
  • Empty a Netatmo home

For more information, please check out Apple's support page for the Home app and Shortcuts.


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