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Where can I find the HomeKit setup code?

1. First, check the compatibility of your Netatmo Thermostat with Apple HomeKit

>>> Compatibility guide <<<

2. Location of the HomeKit code

There are 2 possible cases:

      A. The Relay has a HomeKit code label

The HomeKit code is pasted on the front of the Relais. It is also written on the gray label on the back, following the Relay serial number (gxxxxxx). A third label is also present on the back of the installation manual provided.

      B. The Relay does not have a HomeKit code label

In this case, the 8-digit code will be displayed on the Thermostat screen instead of the temperatures once the association procedure has been initiated from the Netatmo Energy application (see below).


3. Association procedure

To make the association, you must first have installed and connected the Relay to your Wi-Fi network.If there is a Thermostat paired with the Relay, it must be powered and within the radio range of its Relay.

Then, you just have to follow this procedure:

1. Go to the settings of the Energy application on the iOS device (“gear” icon in the upper banner)

2. Go to the "Manage my Home" menu

3. Click on the name of the Relay

4. Click on the "Configure HomeKit" button

The instructions are then displayed on the screen of the Energy application. The HomeKit code must be captured with the camera of your smartphone or tablet, or entered manually. The temperatures automatically reappear on the Thermostat screen when the procedure is completed.


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