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WebApp: a new redesigned interface, find out what's changing and why.

The WebApp has undergone a major upgrade for users of Netatmo Weather and Energy products. This new version, available on, has been deployed since 27 March 2024. It has a completely new interface, designed to provide access to a single dashboard so that you can monitor and analyse all the data relating to the Weather, Comfort and Security of your Smart Home.

Why this update?

The previous WebApp ( needed to be reworked to enable us to continue our ongoing security and design improvements.  After more than 12 years of faithful service, it needed an overhaul. The new interface uses the most modern tools and integrates our new product architecture based on the two axes of Control and Security. It is now resolutely forward-looking.

What's new?

  • Legrand products are now integrated into the WebApp, in addition to Netatmo products.
  • Graph comparison:
    • Up to 4 sets of data can be compared at the same time, from a single product or from different products.
    • You can compare 2 time periods by clicking on the "+" button.
  • Products are now grouped by room.
  • The My Devices card centralises the wireless reception and battery levels of all your devices.
  • The Settings menu has been improved. Manage your account and the users who have access to your Home, download your data and change the order of the rooms, enable dark mode or change the units of your products, etc.

Users of Weather products:

  • Improved data visualisation with a new central graph for quick interpretation of your weather data, with a calendar that allows you to quickly check a specific period.
  • More detailed weather forecasts, with data provided in 3-hour intervals.

Users of Energy products:

  • The special modes (Away, Frost-Guard mode) and choice of the current schedule are now grouped together for quick access.
  • Manual setpoints can be applied in each room.
  • The monthly reports have been updated to display more relevant data and help you save even more energy.

What has changed?

Some functions are no longer available in the WebApp, but they are still available in the Weather, Energy and Home + Control mobile apps for iOS and Android:

  • Creating, editing or deleting a heating schedule. 
  • Managing your home (changing the names of the rooms and products, reconfiguring the network, calibrating products, checking the serial numbers, etc.).

Lastly, monthly energy reports can currently only be viewed on the WebApp from a computer, not from a mobile phone. 


Since the launch of the new WebApp on 27 March, we have received all your feedback, and we hear you. We will continue to improve our WebApp by taking your comments on board. 

We are fully committed to your satisfaction and helping you make the most of this transition. Some improvements have already been made since the launch of the Beta version (changing the order of rooms, checking battery and wireless network, etc.), and more are expected very soon.

We hope you will soon find your feet in this new, redesigned version of the WebApp, and we are always keen to hear your comments and suggestions.


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