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How to modify the weekly schedule, how to apply different temperatures room by room?

To learn how to customize your weekly schedules, please watch the following tutorial videos depending on the version of the application:

If you have multiple Netatmo Thermostats and/or Valves to control different heating zones, a set of temperatures must be customized to apply different temperatures room by room: Set different temperatures for each room [iOS] / [Android]

Detailed steps:

  1. Launch the application and access the "Schedules" menu,
  2. Select "Change temperatures",
  3. Select an existing temperature set or create a new one, and define the desired setpoint temperatures for each room, then Validate,
  4. Return to the weekly schedule view and click on the day to modify,
  5. Choose the appropriate temperature set (any standard or custom set) for the desired period. The start and end times of each period can be changed, or a new time period can be added.


Three standard temperature sets are automatically created with a new planning: Comfort, Eco and Night. When a room of the Home has the "Bathroom" type, a 4th "Comfort +" mode is also created. This mode aims to boost the temperature in the bathroom for a short time. Like the others, this mode is customizable to best meet your needs.

--- Links to full videos: [iOS] / [Android]


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