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I haven't received my Energy Savings Report.

You'll receive your Energy Savings Report by email when it's available, after one full month of use. For example, if the Thermostat was put into operation on 3 January, your first Monthly Report will be available at the beginning of March and will show data for the month of February.

The Report is available on the WebApp

If you haven’t received the email:

  1. Check the email settings in your Netatmo account.
    From the Energie mobile application: Settings > My account > Communication preferences > Product activity.
    From the WebApp: Settings > My account > Communication preferences > Product activity.
    • Validate your email address: no emails will be sent to email addresses that have not been validated. If the address hasn't been validated you will see a message, follow the instructions to complete the process.
    • Check that the email send function is active for Energy Savings Reports.
  2. Check your Spam folder to make sure that your email wasn’t placed there by mistake.


The e-mail is not sent if the Thermostat didn't make any heating request for at least 2 consecutive months: no heating request is visible in the histogram.


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